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Cell Tower Lease Consultant – 7 Things to Look For

Signing a cell tower lease without a consultant can be a terrible move to make. Of course, it seems like a simple matter to take care of; unfortunately, it’s not always as straightforward. Cell tower leases are confusing at the best of times and if you have zero experience handling them, the jargon wording within them may leave you vulnerable. By using the services of a lease consultant, you might just walk away with a great deal. So, what should you look for in a cell tower lease consultant?

How Approachable They Are

A cell tower consultant should be great at their job but also friendly and approachable. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to have questions about the lease, and you need to feel confident to approach them. Unfortunately, if the consultant isn’t very approachable it can be off-putting. Instead, you want someone who is entirely approachable so that you’re confident in being able to ask them basic questions.

Consultation Fees

Every consultant will require some sort of fee to use their service. While this fee can vary considerably, depending on the consultant in question and the amount of work needed, it’s an important thing to think about. For instance, some consultants can request over 25% of what you’ll be paid to house the cell tower. That’s steep, but many others want more. It’s essential to fully understand the costs and fees before you choose a consultant. Remember, you’re the one who is signing the cell tower lease, and it’s your land. If the fees seem a little high, you should get a quote from several others to compare.  Check here!


It’s difficult to put a true value on experience. In every sector experience has a different value, but for a cell tower consultant, they really need to have the relevant experience. This isn’t just for your peace of mind, but to ensure they know what they’re doing. For instance, it might be more suitable to opt for a cell tower consultant that has worked previously with cell phone or mobile companies.

Exceptional References

While a reference doesn’t necessarily tell the full story, it’s something you may want to consider. Remember, a cell tower lease can be profitable for you and your family for the foreseeable future; however, a consultant who doesn’t have the skills could result in a poor deal for you. You should request references from previous clients and check them out to ensure they’re genuine. It makes sense, even if you don’t like the idea of checking up on the consultant.

Good History Within the Field

As much as references and skills are important, so too is a good – and clean – history within the cell tower leasing industry. For example, someone with a clean reputation may be the smarter option than a consultant company with a poor reputation. Of course, reviews and feedback online don’t always tell the full story. However, constant negative reviews are a concern. Reputations mean a lot and if a cell tower consultant or their company doesn’t have a stellar history, it’s time to think twice about them.

Work with the Actual Consultant, Not Their Assistant

This is nothing against assistants or advisors. Cell tower leases are tricky, and you want to be reassured the person you hired is the one doing the work. Consultants have the experience and know-how, what’s more, they’re likely to have dealt with more cell tower lease contracts than their assistants. You need to ensure you’re working with the consultant you hire. It might not seem like such a big deal, but any minor error from an advisor or assistant could spell disaster for you.

A Cell Tower Consultant Shouldn’t Have A C.O.I

C.O.I or conflict of interest is something you cannot ignore. Now, some consultants might handle specific requests or process things for certain cellular companies. This is often a conflict of interest, especially if you’re signing a lease with someone, they do business with. It’s crucial the consultant doesn’t have any conflicts of interest so that you can be sure they have your best interests at heart. This may ensure your cell tower lease is balanced and fair.

Hire the Right Consultant

It’s easy to say a cell tower lease is simple enough to deal with, but the reality is far from that. Even if you’re dealt with one before, things don’t get any easier. Getting help, on the other hand, might just make the process far easier. Consultants can enable you to understand the entire process slightly better and might even ensure a fairer deal. A cell tower consultant can help and with a little effort on your part, you can find the right fit for you. For more information visit:


If a landowner is approached to allow a cell tower or any other wireless equipment on their property, they must first establish what their bargaining power is in this transaction.

Cell tower lease negotiations are highly dependent on the typical features of the proposed location of the cell tower involved. And, in order, what the perceived value of the property is to the Cell Phone Company or cell phone operator with that apparent value that varies from site to site and cell Tower Company to cell Tower Company.

1. Monthly Rentals from Mobile Tower

The rent offered will be based on abundant and varied dynamics. The most significant factors are: a) The space conditions of a cell phone company or cell phone operator to install its equipment, and b) the utility and general functionality of the cell tower location for that cell phone tower.

The amount of space will depend on the type of equipment that will be located on a property. The cell tower company will look for enough space to install its equipment as well as enough space to accommodate potential subtenants / co-locators.

2. Co-location and Sublease Fees

Cell phone operators build cell phone towers for their functionality, but a cell phone tower company builds cell phone towers only for their revenue potential. Think of a cell phone tower as a shopping mall in the sky. So, a landowner must share this income, right? Along with the basic monthly rents, the landlord should be aware of the possibility of obtaining some bonus rent from the income sharing with the tenant as well.

It is to the owner’s advantage to determine precisely what options a cell phone tower company or phone operator may have and, more significantly, the value that the site will eventually obtain for the tenant in the form of income during the lease period. More details!

3. Termination and Commencement of the Cell Tower Lease

The owner is generally asked to commit to the long term when it comes to cell tower leasing a part of their property. These leases classically have an opening term of five years, with between three and five succeeding options of renewal terms and conditions at the sole discretion of the tenant. The intellectual behind the long-term nature of these leases stems from the costs involved in the installation of the tower and much other equipment installed at that location, and in the essential progress to the site itself.

So, a cell tower company should occupy and use the site long enough to be up to recoup a sensible amount of their investment. Due to the money and time involved, a cell phone company will never give the property owner a broad right to dismiss at the end of a lease or renewal term. Although this somewhat limits the property owner’s control of the location, this can also be good for the property owner as it relates to the term of the lease.

4. Termination of the Lease

The owner will normally notice that a cell tower company will request an initial termination clause in a cell phone tower lease only thirty days in advance per written. The general reason for this termination clause is that the carrier should be able to dismiss if it loses its license or permits to operate, or, more significantly, if it finds that the site of the tower is not suitable because of changes in economic conditions.

The owner of a property is able to work to negotiate terms that establish rights that are useful to the landowner while controlling the obligations that similar party can have under that same agreement. The first step for a property owner should be to establish the Real Value of their site and go from there. For more information, visit:

Do Cell Tower Lease Companies Pay Landowners Fairly?

Cell tower leases could pay out anything from $10 every month for small niche carriers to more than $10,000 per month with the more significant organizations. Run of the cell tower rent rates from a substantial administration company could hit around $15,000 a month, relying upon area and space.

As request builds each day, organizations need to occupy a room in country regions and crowded urban areas. For landowners, cell tower leases can be an incredible method to pile on some additional easy revenue.

Variables That Determine cell tower lease rates

The customary way of thinking may state that it depends on the market to discover that. A few organizations may attempt to reveal to you that costs depend on square feet. While that may entice to accept there is no real norm. On the off chance that you feel that a value you’re being offered is lower than it ought to be, connect with other structure proprietors to perceive what they’re getting for cell tower leases. These leases don’t fall under the astuteness of commercial real estate laws, which means the space for them could cost as meagre or as much as you pick.

Step process to determining lease value:

Audit the Lease

Cell tower consultant directs a careful cell tower rent assessment. The procedure starts when we assess the terms and language of the cell site rent, answer any inquiries you may have, and clarify the real-world effects it will have on you in the short and long haul. The company assists you with seeing how the terms in the tower rent impact the total future value.

Address other budgetary terms found in your cellular rent:

  • What would it be a superb idea for you to get for acceleration and how regularly?
  • What is a fitting choice instalment (regardless of whether they don’t offer one)?
  • Would it be advisable for you to request income sharing if extra inhabitants gather space on the tower?
  • Would it be advisable for you to repay for having a lawyer audit the rent?

Audit the area

The audit the proposed area of the tower or site cautiously inspecting the zoning statute, zoning map, package map, property records, flying and road see pictures in Google Earth and other restrictive and non-exclusive data sources. You become acquainted with the property as though cell tower consultant were visiting it. Cell tower consultant discusses with you and poses inquiries about the offer and your neighbours.

Find existing towers and cell destinations in the territory

Inspect our tower database and discover what another place the remote specialist The Co-op or tower company has other cell locales or towers in the territory. Take a gander at bearer inclusion, and from this data, we make sense of what the goals are for the remote transporter. To find out more, check out

Assess choices accessible to the renter

At that point in reverse designer the pursuit ring-the region where they have to discover a tower site. Make sense of where they should be and whether any current cell tower lease or other property in the area would work for their motivations.

At that point, give you a guide, giving you what the main three unconventional choices are for them (if there are three) and rank them when contrasted with your property area.

Clarify Industry Dynamics.

This will break down current market elements, explicitly including the cell tower lease company who has moved toward you, to decide how important your exceptional property is comparative with other suitable choices.

Bottom line:

Give a fair market valuation. Suggest a strategy. Make sure the cell tower consultant answers your inquiries. Accessible after the appraisal is done and after you have begun arrangements to address your questions. Click here!

Cell Tower on Your Land – What You Give Up Versus What You Gain

Talking to a cell tower consultant is essential for those who want to lease their land. You can’t go into this deal blindsided because it’s your neck on the chopping block. While you have the notion of calling all the shots with cell tower leasing companies, the reality is far from that. Tower leasing looks simple enough, but is complex in a way. You can’t compare rates and you can’t always be sure if the price is a fair one; you have to be careful. However, tower leasing has increased in recent years and seems likely to do so within the upcoming years also. So, do you know what you lose and what you gain with a cell tower lease? If not, it’s time to learn more.

You Give Up the Ability to Walk Away

While you believe you can do anything on or with your land, think again. You sign a contract with the cell tower company, you’ve agreed to the cell tower rates and the tower is installed. However, you don’t technically have the right to walk away from the deal three or four years later. You may think you deserve a better price, but you can’t walk away now, not without a fight anyway. Essentially, you’d have to break the lease and that could cause a financial headache. In a sense, you’re giving up the ability to walk away from the deal once the cell tower has been installed. You have to think about what would happen if you change your mind later on.

A Potential Issue If You Sell Your Property

You sign a cell tower lease for a thirty-year period, but ten years later and you want to sell; what about the lease? Well, it’s unlikely the tower leasing company will want to break the lease, especially if it’s prime real estate for them, which means you have to sell the property with the lease in place. However, will all potential buyers be happy to inherit a twenty-year lease for a cell tower? What about buyers that want to extend the property? It’s a potential sticking point for buyers and sellers alike. While you’re not technically giving up your right to sell the property, potentially, it’s future headache. See more!

You Gain Rental Income

One of the best things you gain from leasing your land to a cell tower company is the cell tower rates! You can potentially gain a sizeable rental income from your land! It doesn’t matter if you have a short or long-term lease, the income can be substantial! This is especially usefully if you want to supplement your income or just want to make money from your land. However, don’t believe you’re going to become an overnight millionaire; it’s unlikely to happen! That doesn’t mean to say you can’t make money – because you can – but, you need to have realistic expectations over money. You’re still gaining at the end of the day and that’s what matters most.

You Gain a Long-Term Lease

You should always try to negotiate for a reasonable price and a cell tower consultant might be the best person to talk to. Of course, everyone has an opinion over whether this is something positive you gain or not. However, the truth of the matter is that if you’re getting a fair price for your rented land and the price remains the same for the next five years, it’s an advantage. Yes, you may want to negotiate for a better price (or what you think is a better price) but it might come to nothing. If you push too hard, the company might decide to walk away. That’s something you have to be extremely wary of when you’re negotiating a price.

Leasing Made Simple

While there are some potential drawbacks of a tower lease, there are also positives ones too. At the end of the day you have to decide whether renting your land out will be cost-effective and worth your time and effort. Yes, the tower companies are the ones that will do the necessary installation and the maintenance, but it’s still something you must think about. Of course, the fact you’re gaining income is fantastic, just be aware of what’s involved. If you think its right for you and you’re approached by a company, why not explore a cell tower lease and what it can do for you? For more information visit:

7 Things to Look For In A Cell Tower Lease Consultant

If you are perusing this you definitely know, the correct cell tower lease consultant can be an enormous resource for have in your group! Have you been drawn nearer for another cell tower lease, a lease reestablishment, or a lease buyout? The correct cell tower lease consultant can spare you time and get you more cash-flow.

What criteria would it be a good idea for you to look when hiring a cell tower consultant? We share with you the Top 7 Things to look for in a Cell Tower Lease Consultant!

1. Pertinent Recent Work Experience on the Carrier Side

When hiring a CPA, a CPA who as of late worked for the IRS is of higher incentive to you than a CPA who worked for the IRS 10 years prior or possibly never. The CPA with ongoing background will have within track on the opposite side and will realize the government assessment code all around.

A similar thought applies to cell tower lease consultants.

2. Excellent Track Record of Results

You are hiring a consultant for a certain something – results. Guarantee your consultant has a demonstrated reputation of results that address your issues.

  • It is safe to say that you are hoping to expand rents?
  • Migrate a cell tower?
  • or then again sell your cell tower lease?

Have your cell tower consultant give you their reputation of results. Anyway be careful about numbers that look ridiculous (lease increments of 300%+). On the off chance that it sounds unrealistic it is. Discover somebody you can believe who will give you sensible outcomes. More details!

3. Comprehend Your Expert’s Proposal And Fees

Chat with your consultant to unmistakably characterize the proposed extent of work. On the off chance that their proposition incorporates something that was not talked about that could be a warning.

Some cell tower lease consultant’s charges need 20%+ of all your lease for the remainder of the life of the lease. Watch out! On the off chance that it doesn’t sound right it most likely isn’t right. Call us and we will talk about a reasonable expense structure that works for you.

4. Affirm You Are Working With the Owner of the Company

As the cell tower consultant develops so does the size of the staff of counseling firms. Try not to enable yourself to be passed off to a “Counsel” who isn’t the “Organizer”. At Airwave Advisors you will consistently be working with our author who is completely dedicated to getting you results with top of the line client care en route. You merit the best – don’t make due with less.

5. Customer References From Accredited Institutions

Guarantee you are working with top bore ability and require references from certify establishments. Wireless transmission Advisors has given master cell tower consultant conference to the country’s top business land organizations, colleges, medical clinic frameworks – the rundown continues endlessly. Solicitation references from the top licensed establishments to ensure you are managing a top level cell tower lease consultant.

6. Guarantee Your Consultant Is Insured

In the event that you are tolerating proficient counsel and administrations from your consultant ensure that consultant is guaranteed. At any rate your cell tower lease consultant ought to have Professional Liability Insurance, all the more ordinarily known as an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy. This arrangement helps both the policyholder and the customer in the occasion harms are granted to the customer because of carelessness.

7. Ensure You Will Enjoy Who You Work With

Life is short, have a fabulous time! A few cell tower consultants can be jerks while others will be increasingly friendly. Ensure you appreciate who are working with! Most exchanges will take months if not over a year to close. Check out this site: