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Food Co-Op for Fairbanks

Posted in State/Local News on November 26th, 2007 by Bruce Amsbary

An effort is afoot in Fairbanks to start a natural food cooperative. Since the closing of Whole Earth Grocery and Deli almost a decade ago, Fairbanks has been without a place to buy organic foods which has local ownership and a firm commitment to the local community. A group known as The Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market has been formed to address this issue.

Drawing inspiration from the Cooperative Grower’s Information Network and other sources the Co-op seeks to develop a membership owned business.

The mission statement of the Co-op notes that the organization “works for health and sustainability by providing natural foods and products, promoting local suppliers, and offering consumer education in an open community center environment.”

For more information visit the Co-op’s web site www.fairbankscoop.org or contact Dave Lacey at: dlacey@mosquitonet.com

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